Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum presents their Presidential Hall Exhibit
Boston, MA, January 30, 2018– The third Monday in February is recognized as Presidents’ Day, and it is fast approaching. It’s a day we celebrate all of our U.S. Presidents – past and present. It’s also a time when Dreamland Wax Museum is sure to be at the top of the list of places to see when visiting Boston.

Dreamland Wax Museum, features all 44 Presidents, including number 45, in their Presidential Hall Exhibit which ends with a reproduction of the White House’ Oval Office.

Wait! All 44 Presidents…including number 45? How can that be, you ask?

Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms — number’s 22 and 24, remarks Dreamland tour guide, Richard Yu, fondly referred to as the museum’s Resident President Specialist by General Manager, Sandra Silveira. Yu is also bi-lingual and when called upon, by Silveira, he is ready to guide our Chinese speaking guests.

“Our international visitors really appreciate that we have Guides that can speak their language”, explains Silveira. “We currently offer Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese guides that translate upon request and we’re looking to add more bi-lingual Guides by the Summer.”

Having a translator isn’t necessary to enjoy a visit to Dreamland wax museum but the Tour Guides also offer history, trivia, stories and welcoming conversation which elevates the guest experience. Silveira says, “This is most important to us.”

The museum is anticipating a busy month since opening the end of July. Many guests visiting the museum will be President enthusiasts. Silveira is working diligently to staff as many bi-lingual Guest Hosts as possible, during the week of February 19th-25th. Besides the Presidents, the museum has a dozen other exhibits to enjoy which include world leaders, British royalty, pop stars and silver screen legends just to name just a few.

In honor of Presidents Day, the museum will extend its hours during February school vacation week (see website for Hours of Operation).