All About the Dreamland Wax Museum Augmented Reality App

Download the App

Have you downloaded the app yet? If not, please head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the latest version. This is a big app, so it is advised that you download the application when you have access to wifi.

When you are ready, come back and learn about how the app functions and what it has to offer!

Find the Dreamland Wax Museum AR App on the App Store

Getting Started

By logging into the app once, you are able to earn and redeem points for discounts off admission to the Dreamland Wax Museum and the museum Gift Shop. If you are already logged into Facebook, this step will be very simple. If you prefer to log in via email, we have that option for you too.

How to log in to the Dreamland Wax Museum Augmented Reality App

Explore the App

When you first arrive at the home screen, you’ll see a stack of buttons that lead you to a variety of options within the app. It’s from this screen that you will launch the AR Around Boston, AR at the Museum, selfie frames, stickers for your photos, ticket purchases and a place for you to redeem the points you have collected. If you ever get lost, don’t forget the Instructions button at the very bottom of the page, which will walk you through the main functions of the app any time you need it.

Home Screen for the Dreamland Wax Museum Ar App

You Can See Benjamin Franklin Anywhere!

As a demo built within the app itself, you can launch the Benjamin Franklin Augmented Reality experience from anywhere you are! Hear Mr. Franklin welcome you to the city of Boston and the Dreamland Wax Museum even before you arrive. Be sure to press the movie clapboard icon to hear his welcome message.

See Benjamin Franklin in Augmented Reality

10 Spots Around Boston

The app is actually split into two specific sets of augmented reality experiences. There are 10 spots around the city of Boston and 10 experiences inside the Dreamland Wax Museum. The 10 locations around Boston will take you to some of the most recognizable and historically significant locations in the city. Remember that each location you visit and collect the experience will earn discounts off admission up to FREE admission to the Dreamland Wax Museum!

Augmented Reality Experiences around Boston

10 Experiences at the Museum

The app’s 10 experiences inside the museum are meant to enhance the context and story around some of our most popular figures. See instruments dance around Arthur Fiedler, guard Paul Pierce as he aims for the basket, and hover over an AR map of all of the major battles of the American Civil War. We even have a few surprises for those willing to fully explore the museum. It could get prehistoric at Dreamland!

Augmented Reality Experiences inside Boston's Dreamland Wax Museum

We hope you are enjoying the Dreamland AR Experiences! We are constantly updating the app as well as this page of instructions, and we welcome any feedback you share via the form below. New versions of the app will be released on a regular basis as we add new features and performance upgrades. Thank you for playing with AR and being a part of the Dreamland experience!

Boston's Dreamland Wax Museum Logo

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