Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum
1 Washington Mall
Boston, MA 02108
Main Phone: 857 233 5437

Boston's Dreamland Wax Museum Logo

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Matt Sheils
Creative Director
Dreamland Wax Museum
Mobile (text or call): 941 952 8995
Skype: msheils

Benjamin Williams

Founder & CEO

ARsome Technology Group

David Oyanadel

Founder & CTO

ARsome Technology Group

App Overview

  • The app is developed by ARsome Technology Group, a Boston-based company
  • FREE to download for all, even before visiting
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play

App Features

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences at 10 locations throughout Boston
  • Augmented Reality Experiences inside the Dreamland Wax Museum
  • Completing AR experiences earns discounts off admission up to free admission to the Dreamland Wax Museum

Interesting Points

  • The app connects modern mobile users to the rich history of the city of Boston, as well as important historical moments around the world.
  • First use of AR for a Boston museum as a primary part of its visitor experience
  • First use of AR as a city-wide, connected exploration of Boston’s history
  • Inside the museum,  we are combining cutting edge technology with the traditional wax museum figures and settings
  • The app encourages exploration of Boston’s historical and cultural identity, while rewarding users with discounts to the museum

App Story

In the Spring of 2018, the Dreamland Wax Museum, a popular Boston attraction with over 100 wax figures, and ARsome Technology, an augmented reality software company, teamed up to build an augmented reality mobile application, directed to educate and excite the user about the most influential tribulations and triumphs of Boston’s history.

This FREE application, which can be found in the Apple Store or Google Play, takes the user on a scavenger hunt through the city of Boston. At each of the 10 stops, the user can take part in an augmented reality experience, showcasing the history and excitement of the city’s most famous stories.

Now it is Spring 2019, and the FREE Dreamland Wax Museum mobile app is easier to use and more amazing to experience than ever before!  Children’s eyes pop open and families gather around the phone to see larger-than-life Augmented Reality transport them to the time and place of that famous figure.  With FREE Wi-Fi Internet in our venue, it is faster and easier to download, install and experience.

At the Old North Church, located in North Boston, users can take part in the “lighting of the lanterns”, by panning their phone to the steeple of the church and watching the augmented reality lanterns illuminate. At Paul Revere’s house, also located in North Boston, the user can experience Brown Beauty neighing and rearing, excited to make that famous ride through the cobblestone streets of Boston.

Immediately after downloading the application, guests can view a demonstration AR experience of Benjamin Franklin welcoming you to the city and the museum. Did you know that Ben was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts? Well, he is about to tell you that himself.

After being immersed in Boston’s heritage, the user can end the scavenger hunt at the Dreamland Wax Museum on City Hall Plaza, where the augmented reality experiences continue throughout. Users can activate a hydrothermal explosion from an active geyser, or watch an augmented reality scene of George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

The experience is triggered by pointing your phone at the floor or intended target and tapping the screen to load an animated 3D model. You can then control the animated sequence of the model moving or speaking, while you walk around the real world environment, seeing the model from all directions.

Each AR experience within the app is a little different, adding an element of surprise and discovery. Users will see life sized 3D models, videos playing inside of picture frames, and environmental effects such as geysers and fireworks.

“We wanted to include a variety of different experiences to see which ones resonate with people the most. The biggest priority is context, making sure that the creative choices made at each location are effective at reinforcing the story around these great characters and moments in history.” – Matt Sheils

Leadership at Dreamland sees augmented reality and its mobile initiatives as a continuous project that will be supported for years to come, making it an integral part of the overall museum experience. By listening to user feedback and seeing for themselves what works best, they plan to include additional experiences on a regular basis, whether that is featuring a new wax figure or new location around the city.

Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum, located in the heart of Boston, sees an opportunity to educate as well as entertain visitors whether they are Boston residents or visiting for the first time. When school groups visit the museum, teachers are able to place their students in an immersive environment both physical and digital, making for a highly engaging learning experience.

Augmented reality is impressive technology that is allowing educators to share their passion and knowledge through immersive stories. David Oyanadel, Chief Technology Officer of ARsome Technology spent 20 years in higher education implementing instructional design strategies at various universities. “Incorporating augmented reality within the educational realm will be critical for its overall evolution, and Dreamland Wax Museum has done a marvelous job incorporating augmented reality with their mission and the history of Boston.”

Another interesting result of embracing augmented reality has been meeting other museum professionals who are working on their own projects that use new technologies to enhance visitor experiences. Although augmented and virtual experiences have been technically possible for some time, it is still a complex process for museums to include them in a meaningful way.

“We are trying to avoid including this as a novelty, where it is tech for the sake of tech. We want to enhance an already engaging, real-world exhibit with a layer of digital information that takes it to a whole new level.”- Matt Sheils

Technology insiders are expecting to see a rapid increase in the use of augmented reality as a part of museum exhibits, and this is an important time to demonstrate how Boston is leading the way with the inclusion of this technology in museums and other public spaces.

Starting April 16th, the app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can sign up for release notifications and updates by visiting

Examples of AR Experiences Around the City of Boston

  • Listen to Samuel Adams speak about the American Revolution in front of Faneuil Hall
  • Light Paul Revere’s lanterns in the tower of the Old North Church (Two if by sea)
  • See John Hancock’s signature signed on parchment at the Old State House
  • Tap the baseball player to “hit it out of the park” at Fenway Stadium
  • See a dragon dance under the Chinatown Gate

Examples of AR Experiences Inside Dreamland Wax Museum

  • Instruments dance around Arthur Fiedler while he conducts to the tune of Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Watch John F. Kennedy on a vintage television hold a press conference about the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • See Old Faithful erupt at the push of a button next to Theodore Roosevelt
  • Stand beside the boat as George Washington and his men row across the Delaware River

The Story of Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum

Originally from Brazil, and direct descendants of Boston’s beloved Maestro, Arthur Fiedler, the creators of Dreamland Wax Museum own and operate several successful museum businesses throughout Latin America. They are great fans of history, museums and all things Boston.

Dreamland Wax Museum proudly stands on historic Dock Square, where Paul Revere and his father’s famous silversmith shop once operated, back in the late 1700’s. Choosing Boston as the place to open their first U.S. wax museum was easy; Boston is where it all began. Finding the location where Paul Revere’s silversmith shop once stood sealed the deal and on July 31, 2017, Dreamland Wax Museum opened its doors and has quickly become one of New England’s premiere attractions.

Our Mission

To create a city-centric museum that educates, entertains and offers meaningful experiences to our guests. To provide an institution that connects the old with the new while nurturing an interest and appreciation for art and history.

Our Vision

To inspire, invest in, and celebrate the historical impact the city of Boston has had on our nation and be a part of its story.

Museum Highlights

  • Over 100 wax figures including celebrities, local Boston icons, sports legends and history-makers.
  • Presidential Hall including all 44 U.S. presidents and a replica of the Oval Office.
  • 19,000 total square feet of exhibits and event space, including 12 uniquely themed areas.
  • Museum space is available for private events, school field trips and group gatherings.
  • Handicap accessible, safe, friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Open 7 days a week at 10AM. Please see website for more details.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter: @boswaxrox