Gisele Visits Dreamland

World-renowned supermodel and actress Gisele Bündchen recently paid a visit to Boston’s Dreamland
Wax Museum to celebrate the unveiling of the museum’s newest exhibit: a wax figure of her likeness!

Gisele was blown away the moment she witnessed her new figure firsthand. Within seconds, Bündchen
jubilantly began to take stock of the sheer craftsmanship of her statue: replicating the pose of the figure,
comparing its hands and feet to her own, and simply taking in every minute detail of the piece.

Gisele’s figure was crafted by our sculptors after a sitting session where they collected over 200
measurements. Our artists spent nearly a year bringing “Gisele” to life. Everything from the complexion
of her skin, to her height and posture, was analyzed and deliberately recreated—with our artists even
going as far as to insert the sculpture’s hair one strand at a time to ensure a more realistic appearance.

Gisele with her wax figure at Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston

Inspired by a Moment

Gisele sits on top of a miniaturized version of the same stage she walked to during the 2016 Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony

Dreamland’s wax rendition of Gisele was inspired by her appearance at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de
Janeiro, and every aspect of the exhibit was deliberately crafted to celebrate the very special moment in
the model’s career. The figure’s beautiful long golden dress was personally designed by world-renowned
stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch, and the impressive golden 4-inch heels created by designer Alexander
Birman are a replica of the exact same shoes worn by the model herself.

The figure’s surrounding gallery also celebrates the model’s appearance at the Rio Olympics with scenic
elements taken directly from the ceremony, such as realistic reproductions of the multi-level stage and
grand piano elements used during the opening ceremony’s tribute to composer Antonio Carlos Jobim,
where Giselle made her famous appearance.

Needless to say, Gisele was thrilled with Dreamland’s work and the following morning she shared her
experience on social media: posting a photo and video of her playing with the figure’s hair with the
caption “Look who I saw in Boston today. Another me!” The post quickly went viral, garnering hundreds
of thousands of reactions within only the span of a few hours.

Gisele and over 100 other equally impressive wax figures are now on display at Dreamland Wax

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